Frameless glass Sydney – Benefits

Swimming and splashing in pools is a great pastime for the young and old to enjoy throughout the hot summer months. If an in-ground swimming pool is in place at home it is now becoming beneficial to install the right pool fencing for a number of reasons. Fencing offers the ability to not only look great but also has the potential to increase the level of privacy, safety and security. Improving the security and safety around the boundaries of a pool is especially important if there are little kids around. The right pool fencing is able to make a swimming pool appear more well-presented and elegant.Click here to find more about frameless glass.

A gated-fence placed around a pool comes in several different styles, materials, and colors. Popular fence materials consist of wood, aluminum, chain link, mesh, wrought iron, vinyl, and safety glass. Each of these features their own positive and negative points.

The most popular choice is often seen to be those fabricated in welded aluminum, which can come in several different finishes or colors. It is very light, smooth, safe, and isn’t affected by the saltwater in some pools.

Beyond its basic practicality, the fence can come with multiple design layouts. A choice of solid frames, tubular designs, and those specially made with a safety related ‘no climb’ feature. Full circle containment is perfect to block or stop dirt or leaves from getting into the pool. Solid based fences are great to relieve some of the pool raking and the mess floating on top. If the concern for leaf debris or similar isn’t a something to worry about, then a mesh or chain link fence might be the ideal option.

One important point to think about, which often goes unmentioned, is that erecting a surrounding pool fence might come with certain requirements relating to local laws and regulations. If wishing to install a fence at a certain height, it could be a requirement to comply with local planning laws. High fences are often installed for privacy reasons. Failing to cooperate with local regulations could mean a fence will need to be taken down or a need to pay a heavy fine.